Southland Serpentine is BioGro certified

We have BioGro Certification

BioGro ( 4985 )


For our Organic customers we have full BioGro certification to supply and blend to your requirements.

Our experienced staff have full training in all aspects of managing and blending our products as demanded by Biogro.


We stock high grade lime , Elemental sulphur , Natural salt , Sulphate of potash ( Natural ) Guano Viafos , Borax , Selenium Chip ,Zinc oxide , Copper Sulphate and many other assorted trace elements.


For delivery options we supply 500Kg , 1000Kg and bulk orders.

We look forward to discussing your fertiliser requirements forthe coming season.


Southland Serpentine BioGro certification


Serpentine magnesium fertilizer summary

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