Southland Serpentine

Southland Serpentine

A magnesium silicate special

Southland Serpentine is a naturally occurring mineral containing high levels of magnesium (38% MgO), cobalt (581g/tonne), and includes other trace elements essential for soil, pasture, and stock health. Magnesium is also proving to be highly beneficial in arable cropping.

There are some pretty amazing facts about serpentine - see our ten amazing serpentine magnesium fertilizer facts.


Magnesium plays an important role in many functions including the chlorophyll molecule responsible for photosynthesis and the prevention of hypomagnesaemia (grass staggers). Cobalt is vital for the formation of vitamin B12 in stock which is necessary to avoid ill thrift and resulting remedial B12 injections. Additional trace elements in the Serpentine also add value to your stock’s health and improve the productivity of your soil.

Other trace elements

Cobalt Sulphate (CO) or equivalent 581g per tonne
Phosphorus (P) or equivalent 98g per tonne
Manganese (Mn) or equivalent 150g per tonne

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Breakdown of Serpentine by content elements

Other trace elements

Cobalt Sulphate (Co) or equivalent 581 g/tonne
Phosphorus (P) or equivalent 98 g/tonne
Manganese (Mn) or equivalent 150 g/tonne

Southland Serpentine is extracted from our quarry near Mossburn. For more about our quarying process see the about us page.


Serpentine magnesium fertilizer summary

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