Guano phosphate fertilizer

Guano is derived from naturally occurring Guano phosphate found in Indonesia.

Mainly found in tropical area's Guano is a deposit created by colonies of sea birds and marine life accumulated over millions of years.

Guano carries its phosphate primarily in the form of Diacalcium Phosphate and has many other benificial elements.

Guano will meet your requirements and expectations of a phosphate fertiliser.

User friendly. Choose from 2-5 mm granule or an 80-100 mesh powder.

Suitable for pastures, horticulture and arable crops.

Guano is plant available immediately.

Full of beneficial micro elements.

Can be readily blended with other fertilisers.

Has a liming effect - pH 8.2

8.9% total P

Silica for enhanced plant strength and P availability.

Very low heavy metal contaminants.

Ideal for aerial application.

Flows evenly through drill.



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