Benefits of Southland Serpentine

What makes Southland Serpentine good for your application?


Southland Serpentine contains 38% MgO Equivalent

Magnesium is essential for

  • Chlorophylls role in Photosynthesis
  • Enzyme activation
  • Control of grass staggers and milk fever
  • Maintenance of plant seed and fruit health and yield


Southland Serentine also contains 581gm/T Cobalt sulphate equivalent.

Colbalt is vital for the formation of vitamin B12 and the rhizobia that fix nitrogen.

Cobalt deficiency results in ill thrift, impaired growth, crusty ears and    
watery eyes in lambs requiring B12 injections.

Proven to be effective

Lime Mag Plus (which is lime plus Serpentine plus any deficient minerals identified from herbage analysis) has proved to be a highly effective solution to fertilizer application.
Go to and read about international farming advisor Vaughan Jones’s farming experience and common sense advice to problem solving. His testimonials include accounts of major restoration of farm profitability and the use of Serpentine.