Application rate benefits

Benefits of application rates

Serpentine application rates range from 250–750Kg/Ha depending on soil and herbage magnesium status and urgency to rectify magnesium deficiency (435Kg of Serpentine per Ha delivers 100Kg of magnesium per Ha).

High application rates have been used on the West Coast and in some other cases of crops exhibiting falling productivity.

At $98/T ex Lumsden and 38% MgO the cost works out at 25.8c/Kg of MgO which is a very economical source of magnesium.

Serp n Lime

Mix Southland Serpentine with your local lime to get magnesium and cobalt on to your pasture while taking advantage of the low freight content of your local lime.

50/50 Serp n Lime has a similar magnesium content to Dolomite with the added advantage of cheaper freight on your local lime.



Our Lumsden depot has an 8 Bay storage facility and full blending service. We can combine Serpentine with lime and any trace elements you might require.

We have access to Ballance and Ravensdown fertilizers on site.

Cut your costs

Serpentine is compatible with most other fertilizers and our experienced staff will blend your mix requirements resulting in one spreading cost.

Salt licks

We produce half Tonne and one Tonne Salt Lick packs containing Salt, Magnesium, Copper, and Kelp or ingredients to meet your own requirements.


Let us save you up to two thirds...

At around 26c/Kg, the Magnesium in Southland Serpentine is really cost effective. Compare this with up to 78c/Kg for magnesium in other sources and you're looking at seriously significant savings. Not to mention the benefits of the other trace elements you'll be adding at the same time.

Reduce spreading costs

Adding Southland Serpentine to your fertilizer spread means you save. Mix it once and save on time, money, soil compacting and more.

Reduce your cartage

Mix Southland Serpentine with your local lime and you could save anywhere up to $90 per tonne. And that's just freight charges.


Serpentine magnesium fertilizer summary