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The quarry

Southland Serpentine Ltd was formed in 2006 to reopen the Mossburn Serpentine Quarry. This had closed down in 1984 following the closure of the railway line from Lumsden to Mossburn.

From 1940 the original quarry produced high grade MAGNESIUM rich serpentine for agriculture at up to 30,000 T/yr much of which was incorporated in Serpentine Super Phosphate.

The staff

Southland Serpentine is owned and operated by  partners  Duncan & Lockey McGregor and Bob & Lyn Pearson.

Duncan and lockey operate McGregor's Concrete Ltd and have a wealth of crushing and screening experience.

Bob Pearson is the Quarry Manager whose background includes chief industrial chemist and plant manager in the cement and lime industries.

Lyn Pearson's role is Office Manager and administration.

The Southland Serpentine quarry

Processing your Serpentine

Serpentine rock is ripped in the Mossburn Quarry with a 20T Digger, Stockpiled and transported to McGregors Concrete Te Anau for crushing and screening.

Final crushing at McGregor's consists of closed circuit crushing and screening through a BARMAC crusher to produce minus 3mm serpentine fines.

The crushed productis then transported to our multibay Lumsden depot for storage and South Island wide distribution or mixing with other fertilisers as requested by farmer clients or other fertiliser suppliers.

Visit us at our Lumsden depot and we can supply you direct using a weighbridge, a one Tonne bagging unit and fertiliser from all major fertiliser companies.


Serpentine magnesium fertilizer summary

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